Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our new love

Meet Bekah.

She swooped into our family and made life better for all of us.

She's a recent grad living in the "what do I do with my life" time of temporary freedom. She decided to spend some of that time doing volunteer work with our company. She's paying her bills by working as a personal trainer - if you're in the Dayton area and looking to step up your fitness routine just let me know - and she's paying her rent here at our house with babysitting services.

We are SO getting the better end of this deal.

In case I wasn't clear, I'm talking about a babysitter. With a flexible schedule. Who lives here.

Right now, she's making flowers out of paper and bamboo skewers with Simon (who is newly obsessed with crafting), while I try to disappear behind my Macbook on the couch - feet propped up on the coffee table and everything.

She's been with us for a few weeks, and we've tried hard not to take advantage of her and the fact that my kids both adore her (although she may or may not have decorated cupcakes for Simon to take to school on his birthday, which may or may not have crossed the line of things it's okay to ask your babysitter to do for you). But a few days ago we asked her to whip out the big guns so we could get away for a couple of days.

It was glorious. The best part was driving away on Saturday night and realizing - we don't have to go home tomorrow.

We had fun. But they had fun too. See?

Here's a video of them having "church" on Sunday.

We all love her.


Connie said...

I'm happy for you, really I am. Don't worry about that green color you see all over me....I really AM happy for you. And I gotta get me one of those.... :)

Kirsten said...

Color me jealous! There's nothing better than a fun babysitter who your kids adore. Except maybe a fun babysitter who your kids adore that also does crafts!

Abby said...

Awesome. Really, really awesome. And that video was adorable. I love Taly's "singing." Hope you and Ben had a wonderful time away together... I am so jealous!