Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ohio: the state tour

We did it.This young man was the last to touch our dossier before it got loaded into the large box required to hold all 8,764 pages detailing why we would be an great home for our newest baby.
I know. He looks a little squirrly (that's a word my dad uses to describe potentially irresponsible young boys), but FedEx's tracking site confirms our prized package has made it to its destination.

So, our part is done. For now. Now, we just have to pray that this thing can get moved quickly across the world to the Rwanda Ministry of Gender and Family. Please God!

Yesterday was an interesting trek across our good state. I learned a lot about Ohio - important things like:
  • Our state beverage is tomato juice.
  • We are the only state in the Union with a state rock song - hold on sloopy, or something like that.
  • Our state insect is a ladybug.
  • The inventors of the vacuum cleaner, the airplane, and the manure spreader are all from Ohio.
I know, it's a lot to be proud of. However, to keep us humble, we had one Ohio experience that reminded us that not everyone in our state is a history maker.

We had to stop in at the Madison County courthouse for a county seal. It was a cute old building that looked just like a courthouse should - old tile floors, a large bell with seemingly no purpose in the middle of an imposing foyer, portraits of presidents lining the walls. Because some of the doors looked locked, we made our way through a basement entrance and waited in a long line.

Oh my sketchiness. We waited behind a guy and heard this conversation between him and the clerk:

"When will you be reporting for jail?"
"I need to go over the weekend. I can't miss work for jail."
"Okay, you need to report Friday and you will be released on Monday."

Another guy - appearing to be about 12 - entered the line.

"Hey man - what are you doing here?"
"Going to jail."
"Me too - when are you going?"
"In thirty days - I have to wait for summer vacation."
"I really need to stop drinking. I can't afford to keep going to jail."

Ahem. No judgment here, but might I just agree with you. Stop drinking and stay out of jail.

Meanwhile, Talya, who was secured in the Baby Bjorn, was charming a nice girl in front of us. The girl was dressed nice and appeared to be great with babies. Just as I was contemplating asking her if she babysits, I noticed her cute silver bracelets handcuffs.

Oh my. Get me out of here.

We realized we were in the wrong place and got out of there just in time. I'm sure Simon was about 7 seconds away from saying things like,
"Mommy, why is that girl in handcuffs?"
"Mommy, why does that boy have to go to jail? Is he a bad man?"

Don't worry. We escaped and my babies have managed to maintain their innocence. AND, we are done. Baby boy - maybe we'll see you for Christmas?


Kirsten said...

Wow. It must feel good to have all that done. Best wishes and good luck!!!

Adrianne Thompson said...

Congratulations Susie! What a great feeling it is to be done. Have a great trip to India!

Erika Duke said...

So I saw Ben and he filled me in on this crazy day...oh my this cracks me up! I'm glad you made it out of there :)!