Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adoption Update - Calling in Prayer Favors

We had our first adoption "glitch" today. Which stinks, because we have completed our dossier, and tomorrow is the day we planned to drive it all around the dang state for the required stamps and seals to fed ex to our agency.

Well, last night - yes LAST STINKING NIGHT - Rwanda changed their requirements. They now require an additional form, which is really not that big of deal. In addition, they require that our medical forms be dated within three months of arriving at the Rwanda Ministry. We are right on the edge with this one. We had our medical exams on March 2, just over 2 months ago. If the dossier arrives in Rwanda before June 2, we are good to go. If it gets held up at all along the way, we face huge setbacks.

We could choose to go get new exams, but since all of those exams and blood tests would not be covered by our insurance, we don't really want to do that unless we have to.

So, with the advice of our agency, we are going for it - moving ahead as planned. Tomorrow we are packing the family in the minivan and trucking our dossier around to all of the appropriate authorities. PLEASE pray that our dossier will arrive in Rwanda on time!



Anonymous said...

praying for you guys!

Dad said...

Okay, now somebody is dining with me! I could swear that when I checked it most recently all I saw were those kids being pickled in those buckets! Sorry to raise unnecessary alarm.

Elizabeth Koproski said...

i know it's not fun! but just think every stinking detail (even the unwanted ones) go into getting your exact kid! stamps are a pain in the *ss, arn't they?!

anymommy said...

I have everything crossed for you. Hope it all gets there in time and keeps moving forward. I know very well how incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking these last minute changes are.