Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adoption Update

We got a key piece of mail today - the dates which we can be fingerprinted by the USCIS (US Customs & Immigration Services or something like that) so that they can (hopefully) send us the I-171 form, which would become a part of our dossier that will eventually be sent to Rwanda so that they can (hopefully) send us a letter approving our request to adopt one of their babies.

The paperwork for our dossier is almost completely compiled and now we have to go through the certification process. Thanks to Erica, the most beautiful pregnant notary in the whole world, our documents are notarized. Then, we must take them to the county so they can put a seal on them certifying that Erica is in fact a notary (I'm not sure they care that she's beautiful & pregnant). Then we send them to the Secretary of State, who will certify that the documents did originate in Ohio, and then they get send somewhere in Washington D.C. to be officially officially authenticated and certified.

And then we wait. And pray. And read and learn and educate ourselves. And dream about our new baby. It's like being pregnant without knowing the due date!