Saturday, March 14, 2009

all kidding aside

There's a lot of funny in life. Even a lot of funny in otherwise crappy situations. But sometimes you see something, encounter someone, or learn about something and know there is nothing there but heartache. And, you know you have a choice - to let it affect you to the point where you respond or to ignore it until it finally starts to ignore you.

Today, I'm sharing some of the things I've come face to face with this week. I'm praying I can trust God enough to respond and that I'll stop quietly asking Him for permission to ignore the problem (because isn't that what we're really doing when we don't respond?).

The first is a video I came across while surfing adoption blogs. I happened to find this on the site of another family adopting from Rwanda. Warning - it's hard to watch.

Then, today I attended the missions conference at our church. The speaker was Sarah Taylor, a woman who helped start a ministry to street children in Manila. When I say ministry, I mean a place where actual life change happens, where people give their lives - not just a week or so - to rescue, protect, feed and educate children without hope.

So, this is me.... wanting to be a part of the story of God's pursuit and love of these kids. This is me not having a clue what that could look like. This is me secretly hoping it's easy but feeling pretty sure it never is.

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Christina Marie said...

Wow that video was difficult. I kept wanting to turn my eyes away and find something on TV to distract me, but at the same time I couldn't look away. I think if we saw more situations like this every day, our lives would be different as we realize how much we have and how just a little bit could save a life. Thanks for sharing this and making your adoption a learning experience for all of us. Love you!