Saturday, November 15, 2008

Simon and other people

Sy's relationship with people is an ever-evolving process. Sometimes he's your best friend, sometimes the only thing he'll say to you is, "I don't want to say anything to you." Sometimes, he just pretends he's looking for something under a nearby rock so he doesn't need to engage. If that's the route he chooses to go down, he'll usually let you know: "I can't talk right now - I'm looking for something."

Wednesday night we had small group at our house, an event he usually loves because his friends come to play with him and Mommy & Daddy are still home, just upstairs. This week, he got really freaked out starting at about noon. He kept announcing that he didn't want to play with his friends tonight. So, he decided he'd rather go to bed, which we let him do. But, then the next morning, more friends came to play, and he was the model host - sharing, asking for help, etc.

Yesterday, he came with us to the office to get some things done. Everyone he saw he said, "I'm not saying Hi to ANYONE." Once his terms were agreed to, you couldn't shut the kid up.

Chelsey asked him how Big Doggy and Ernie were doing. For some reason, this question sparked the following response:

"When I poop on the potty, I'll get an animal. And if I poop and pee in the potty every time I'll get LOTS of animals and I'll shake them all out!"

Kelly (hi Kelly, you're on my blog now!) asks him, "Will you be a good boy when Daddy's gone?"

"Ummm.... I'll probably whine sometimes. But I don't like time out and so I won't whine. But I don't like spankings. Spankings make my bottom hurt."

He is precious, my son. I love him to pieces, even when I have to hurt his bottom.


Mackensie said...

I appreciate his honesty. Sometimes I just don't want to say "Hi" to anyone either. It'll be me and him looking for a rock under the doughnuts at church.

Becky :) said...

Hey, I just found your blog, check mine out. Great post. I will be praying for the adoption process.

Kelly said...

thanks for the shout out on your blog. what a wonderful surprise. hope you are surviving without your hubby.