Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Talking in Circles

I'm a smart girl. I mean, my brain may be getting mushier and mushier with each day I spend playing "restaurant" and "treasure hunt," but my sudoku addiction has helped me to retain some mental agility.

But then I try to explain things to a three-year-old, and I think, it shouldn't be this hard.

We are keeping a countdown in the kitchen, and every day we get to change the number to mark the days until Grandma gets here. As I wrote a 5 on the board the other day, I explained to Simon that tomorrow we would change the number to 4. He said, "When's tomorrow?"

I told him that when he woke up in the morning it would be tomorrow.

The next day, we changed the number to 4 and he asked me when we could change it to 3.


He looked at me confused, and said,

"But you said it would be tomorrow TODAY!"

I'm sure there is an intelligent way to explain it, but I just changed the subject.


Therapy Mom said...

I love the black and white thinking of 3 year old boys! And time is such a hard concept...RDC thinks that when we put the Christmas tree up, then that day we will go see Nana...because he knows we are going to Nana's at Christmas time. He asks daily if its time yet.
And I too have a sudoku addiction! Definitely helps keep a few brain cells around!

DrMommy said...

Boy, we all have even more in common than I thought...I play Sudoku every night before I go to bed...as crazy as it sounds, it relaxes me!!

Elizabeth Koproski said...

that is hilarious, and so typical. sorry to leave you out on the regular posters on my blog. i figured i'd fire up a few of you out there :) i would love to spend more time with you!! the problem is i'm a last minute mom. i need to get your number and just hit it as im out the door and if you can come, you can come. it sure would be more fun to have adult company along anyhow!! let's do it soon.

ben said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there to listen to you both during this dialogue. I love you and miss you. Sitting at an airport here in the Great East.