Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Announcement and Random Pictures

This summer we began the process of seriously praying about international adoption. We really sensed the "go-ahead" from God (pretty sure that's not a theological term), but I found myself trying to keep my head above water with the two kids I already had, one of them being only a couple of months old at the time. And, sooner or later, I realized my head was staying above the water more often than not, and the desire to adopt resurfaced.

We always assumed we'd adopt from India, but a variety of factors (one of them may or may not be that I've always had a secret dream to adopt from Africa) drew us to the new Rwanda program at the America World Adoption Agency. Yes, that's right: We are officially seeking to adopt a child from Rwanda! Yea! I feel pregnant again, without the puking and sloth-like fatigue.

People adopt for many reasons, and there is no reason more "noble" than another. Obviously, even after a scary couple of years trying to get pregnant with our first, God has made it possible for us to have biological children.

But still. There are orphans, millions of orphans, who don't have parents. I have no desire to "save" a child from his country - places like Rwanda, India, China are beautiful lands, and God is at work in those places in amazing ways!

But still. To have no parents. To live in poverty without feeling like someone is fighting, willing to die even, to protect you, to love you, to give you life. Having parents means so much more than having a home.

So the picture above is us mailing off our official application. (And, that's Simon, pretending he can't see the camera.)

Please pray for us. This is an enormous undertaking, "risky" in many ways, not the least of which is emotionally. Pray for God to supply all of our needs as we trust Him with putting our family together in a way that honors him. Pray for our baby, who in all likelihood is already created, either in the womb, or already born.

Just for fun, here are some pictures of our last few days:
it seems the Air Force Base was doing some sort of training or something, because we watched this Air Force One look-a-like circle our town all afternoon.
Simon still pretending not to be part of the photo.
Taly at the doctor BEFORE she got her shots :(
Us at our polling place. You can't see our stickers that got us some free Chik-fil-A!
I love this picture because Simon took it!
My children in their Minnesota Gopher duds!


Elizabeth Koproski said...

Awesome! I knew you guys were thinking adoption, but I didn't know we'd be doing this at the same time. Super fun. The paper chase is a bit overwhelming, but totally do-able! Can't wait to hear your stories. :)

Sarah said...

I have two close friends in the area who adopted internationally. It's hard, but it is a beautiful way to expand your tent.

Kristin said...


Stef said...

Sus, that's amazing. I am so happy for you guys and I can't wait to see who God brings to join the Thomas Family!