Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I love television

The tv is my friend. It is always there when I need it - I only have to press one button and it offers me a plethora of ways to entertain myself. It doesn't whine at me; when it is getting too loud, I just turn it down. When I don't like what it's saying, I turn it off. It never needs an answer, and it never ever needs 18 answers in 1 minute. It teaches me how to cook, provides me with super nannies with creative discipline ideas, tells me stories that with all their drama, cause me no actual pain or heartache. It stirs my creativity, reminds me that I'm not "as bad as that," and fuels whatever debate I want to take part in.

That's why I love television.


Dad said...

I love it because of COPS, Judge Judy, and MMA!

Elizabeth Koproski said...

dang it, i love tv too. but i might love blogging more. don't give that one up!