Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He's 3

He's three now. And he doesn't miss a thing. And he wants to be a part of every conversation. And he loves the responsibility of being a big boy, until it hits him in noticeable moments that this big boy thing isn't going away.
And he loves "sharing" with his sister, since right now sharing is a one-way street. And he makes up very clever excuses so he can bow out of scary situations with dignity. And the caution that has marked his first three years of life (screaming, hiding, ducking behind mom) is giving way to more grown-up coping mechanisms (deferring, ignoring, manipulating).
He's beautiful and sensitive and caring and funny. He's observant and cautiously brave (if that's a real thing). He loves his friends - both human, stuffed, and animated. He adores his Dad, kisses his mom, protects his sister, and remembers the brother he never knew.
He develops special rituals with special people in his life. He eats pop-tarts with Pop-Pop, oinks with Aunt Barb, sticks his finger in Daddy's belly button.
He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. He doesn't stop talking until he's asleep. He's a bit bossy when he's in control, but in moments I can watch without him knowing, I see him deferring to whomever he's playing with.
He plays grocery store and hair stylist and church. He has a thing for piggies right now. He's learning which finger is his "pinky." He loves Mickey Mouse and Peep.
He's traveled the country, been in least 4 countries, and his favorite place in the whole world is Ohio.
He's three, which means he's already started his fourth year of life, and Mommy thinks time is going by too quickly.

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