Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yea for Electricity

We've survived Hurricane Ivan (oops I mean Ike). Since we live in Ohio, one wouldn't think that would hard to do, but he sure gave our area a beating. Other than broken posts on our deck, a broken screen door, and Sy's broken basketball hoop, we escaped unscathed. This is because we live in a subdivision with no trees.

We did lose power for a while, but we were lucky - we were only without it for about 8 hours and didn't have to throw out food, etc.

It's funny because in India we lost power almost daily. But, in India, because people expect to lose power, we lived prepared for it. People don't stock the freezer, we had a generator, etc. (Of course, at the time, it was a huge pain the butt, but now I have perspective!)

The other funny thing that happened when we lost electricity is I got a sudden urge to vacuum. Oh well, that disappeared with the electricity came back on.

To celebrate the electricity and the internet connection that I am lucky to have, I think I'll change the colors of my blog.

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Dad said...

Hate to be a name-dropper, but do you mean Ike?