Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Home of Hope

We just had the privilege to visit Home of Hope with our dear friend, Mr. Song. I could write pages on Mr. Song himself and the way he has given his retirement to the Lord, moved to Bangalore and serves as a more-than-full-time prayer warrior, encourager, and minister to the "precious souls" at Home of Hope.

Home of Hope is a home that takes in people off the streets of Bangalore. Most of them are very sick, many are in their last days. All of them have nowhere else to go. It is a heavy experience to visit this place, which is very organized and well-run, despite the challenges of a staff shortage and finding adequate funding.

These people are precious indeed, and we arrived, many lined up to be prayed for. Mr. Song pays special attention to those whose time on this earth is short, beseeching our mighty God for their salvation. It is so humbling.

Ben said it best, "If Jesus were here today, Home of Hope is where He would be." This place isn't about complicated strategies, glamorous programs, or lofty goals - it is about providing food, shelter, comfort, love, and dignity to people who have none of those things.

Please help Mr. Song continue to minister to these people. He is praying for short-term teams to come love and serve at Home of Hope. Anybody with a medical background, or even just a compassionate heart that would like to show Christ to people by bathing, feeding, and praying with them would make a tremendous difference. Please consider putting together such a team from your church or small group to come here. You will get such a vivid picture of Christ's love if you do.

The picture above is from New Ark Mission, which has fantastic stories of people who have been rescued from the streets of Bangalore, as well as ways that you can help. Please also follow this link to see some beautiful pictures of the reality of life at Home of Hope.

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