Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gettin' Around

After a year of taking rickshaws everywhere around town, we have been blessed with a new mode of transportation - a Honda Activa Scooter. Ok, so this has topped my list of "things I'd never do in India," namely letting my son ride on a scooter in this crazy traffic, but....

Motorcycles and scooters are the minivans of India. Whole families ride on these things, with kids and grocery bags dangling off the sides. Ladies in sarees are adept at perching sidesaddle on the back of their husbands' bikes, but believe me, I am still clinging tightly with both arms and legs! Simon loves it, of course. We are just making the imminent return to a car seat seem worse and worse.

So, here we are on our family vehicle. Thank you so much to our neighbor and Crusade co-worker, Samuel James, for letting us use this while we are here. It has added so much convenience and independence to our lives, and has saved us a lot of money now that we live way out here in Ramamurthynagar.

Ben's doing a great job driving - I know it's stressful for him, but he's doing great. And I think I'm doing a great job not freaking out!

By the way, Happy Anniversary to us! It has been 1 year since we left America to come to India - one whole year since we've seen America or our families!

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