Friday, October 12, 2007

54% of Women say Wife-Beating Okay

photo by danivenn

Seriously. On the front page of our paper today ran a story with this very headline (I've linked to a similar story), about a reliable study done on thousands of women in 28 states in India. The following are some of the sobering findings:

Over 40% of women surveyed report being abused by their husbands.

54% of women think that such abuse is justified for one reason or another.

According to these women, they deserve to get beat if they disrespect their in-laws or neglect their household chores or children.

51% of men think it is okay to abuse their wives.

Reading this obviously caused me to experience many emotions, and Ben had to deal with me being a tad cranky at men for a while. But, this is one of my more predominant thoughts:

The feminist movement has gotten a lot of crap from Christians. Fine, whatever. But, take a look at what is happening in countries where there is no feminist movement. So, you have to share your jobs, money, power with women, and children have to go to day care, and Hillary is taking over the world, and I only need to wear a bra if I want to. But, my son will grow up knowing that it is not okay to hit, slap, demean, ridicule, embarrass, or burn another person. And if the Good Lord gives me a daughter, she will grow up learning just where to kick the first guy who tries to hurt her.

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Natalie said...

Dude Susie! That's stinkin' hilarious... not really what the article was about... but how you responded! I really love your perspective! Thanks for sharing!