Saturday, October 13, 2007

Loving "Life"

I'm pregnant.

It's the second time in 6 months I've made that announcement, as we lost Baby Elijah about half-way through that pregnancy. So, obviously, I am so nervous. Will I get to be excited for a whole 9 months, or will I soon be crying in a doctor's office? And maybe I shouldn't tell people, and should I have waited to tell Simon, and is it okay to ride in a rickshaw, and will people think we were too eager to "replace" Elijah, and should I even buy maternity clothes this time?

So here are my answers: I don't know. I don't know. Why not? No. Yes. Probably not. Only if I look good in them.

I don't know if I will get to meet Baby, or if I'll get to bring him home, or if I'll have to break bad news on the heels of good.

But I know God's given me a Life to cherish, and I will - I am for as long as I have him (or her! or them!) with me.

Thanks for celebrating with me!



Wow, congrats! The gift of life is always exciting news! I like your blog a lot :-) very cool

Christina Marie said...

Yay!! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to see you soon!

Natalie said...

Congratulations you guys! John and I are praying for all four of you... or five ;-) ! We're excited to see you!