Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cancer, meet Bloggy World. Bloggy World, show Cancer what you've got.

Remember when I mentioned my friend E? We were sitting outside her operating room waiting to hear if she had ovarian cancer. Well, she did. Or, I guess (though I still don't like to look at it this way) she does.

The good news is that her doctor is great and her tumors were nice self-contained suckers that were able to be removed. The bad news is that cancer is sneaky and evil and so even a successful surgery doesn't mean it's not coming back. So, that leaves E with one more major battle to fight: chemo. Nothing like resting your hopes on pouring poison into your body for four months.

But, if you've read E's blog, you've already seen that her hope isn't in the poison/chemo, it's in Jesus. And she's got a wicked sense of humor to help her fight. And one more thing: she has some great friends who have vowed to join her in the battle. We know she will beat this, but we'd like to make the fight a little more bearable.

A group of bloggers who call E a friend have banded together to ask our readers to consider giving a gift to help E as she enters this next stage of her battle. We're calling our humble plea for help "GimmE 5" because we're asking our readers to consider giving $5, although you can absolutely feel free to give any amount. Just click this cute little button. 

All gifts will be used for expenses incurred by the Koproski family during E's months of chemotherapy.  Since E is a stay-at-home mom, these expenses will likely include paying for child care, transportation, house cleaning, and grocery shopping but will also likely include many 'unexpected' expenses that at this point we cannot imagine, and other things like insurance co-pays, and any adaptive equipment or items that E might need to be comfortable at home. Rest assured that E and Steve are grateful and humbled by this effort and will be the best stewards of your generous gifts.

All I can say is she is one of my dearest friends, and I am so thankful for every person who seeks to touch her life the way she's touched mine. 

Head over to E's blog to read more of her story and see more pictures of her adorable children (um, one five-year-old and two three-year-old boys, yikes that's a lot of work!). She starts chemo on February 21st, so please join me in praying for her. If you want to stay updated on how you can help E and her family during this time, we set up a blog for that purpose,

Thanks to these ladies for participating in this "campaign":

Emily Berry & Jenny Rapson, Mommin' It Up
Andrea Deckard, Savings Lifestyle
Cortney Loyd, Evan Has Landed
Becky Dell, Random Becky
Maria Woodall, the BMC Report
Tricia Callahan, Once a Month Mom
Celia Emmons, WestAnaWillGo

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