Friday, January 21, 2011


A small few of us (relative to the general population) have had to experience the pain of waiting through an adoption of process. A great many more have had to experience this kind of waiting.

In an actual waiting room.

With a loved one on the other side of the door. Not knowing what the doctor's going to say.

God has given me great friends. Some that I don't even know beyond this blog or your blog. But He knows we need more than blog friends. He knows we need those in real life, flesh and blood, there to babysit your kids and meet you at Chik-fil-a friends. He knows that we need friends with whom we can actually sit in a room and cry and hug and feel despair and hope with.

One of my great friends - in real life - is E. She's awesome, funny, and she has genuinely (non-judgingly) challenged me to take steps of faith. I really love her. And that's why I'm asking you to pray even as she's in surgery and recovery that there will be No Cancer. None.

I know this little circle of friends isn't the only one sitting, waiting, hoping and trusting. I know some of you might have this kind of waiting - trying to trust in the waiting. I'm praying for you today too - even if I don't know your story.

Friends are so great, aren't they?

(E's on the left)

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