Friday, July 23, 2010

Proof how normal we are

Part of the adoption process is follow-up with your social worker. This is not mandated in the sense that no one can take Charlie away if we don't comply, but it is required, begged of us, encouraged, and emphasized by having us put down a thousand dollar deposit that we only get back if we do this. It's fine, I'm happy to do this because we really like our social worker and I can't wait for her to meet Charlie. (She doesn't know about this little bloggy-blog, so don't read this as kissing up.)

Anyway, our first follow-up visit is in a few days, and being the responsible adoptive mother that I am, I just opened up the paperwork that we were supposed to fill out ahead of time. I thought it was a quickie form, but it turned out that we have to pretty much write the whole report, and it took a lot of time.

And then, in some sort of weird dossier deja vu, I realized that we have to submit "picture pages." I assume this is to show anyone who is interested that we are all normal, happy, and functioning as a family. It's required that one picture shows Charlie with his parents.

You'd think this would be easy, seeing as he is perfectly adorable and his parents are also quite cute. Turns out, though, that Charlie would rather look at anything than a camera, I look more tired than I feel, being dressed before noon is optional, and the only photographer I have on call is 4 1/2.

So, here it is. A series of pictures that proves to anyone who wants to know that Charlie is in excellent hands.

I don't feel bad though. Becky is a professional photographer, and look at her family portrait. Judah doesn't look super happy.


Dad said...

One would think a picture demonstrating a "normal" family would show Charlie with his maternal grandparents, at least!

Becky said...

Oh this is too funny! The pictures are fantastic! Love the link...made me laugh - I love it! And don't feel bad about waiting too long to open your paperwork...we straight up lost 1/2 of ours. Suzanne is bailing me out. Nick and I looked at your photos tonight and are now sufficiently and THOROUGHLY missing you guys. How much is it to fly to OH anyway?!? Oh and PS, check out who left this post ... huh!??! Look who's gotten a hold of her blog again!

Kirsten said...

You guys are so cute. Family portraits are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh this made me giggle out loud. I LOVE that Charlie refuses to look at the camera, and love the continued attempts!

We need to get better at non-formal family photos!

Suzanne Watson said...

Love the pics! I miss you guys. Charlie is getting so big!!!

Maggie May said...

you guys are so adorable! your husband looks a bit like Franco on Rescue Me :)

Alice said...

i love the pics.... although a social worker might ask why the other two babies appear to be naked :-) (just kidding)