Saturday, July 10, 2010

Name That Year

My grandparents are almost 88 years old, and they save almost everything. It really comes in handy, especially if you need - say - a bucket of pine cones, the plastic tabs that fasten bread bags, or pretty much any Bible commentary that's ever been written. Their house is a treasure trove of memories.

This year, Grandma pulled out a stack of letters that my brothers and I wrote her with our Christmas lists. We thought they were pretty funny, so of course I'm reposting them, which may or may not violate my brothers' privacy.

Of course we were more than thorough with our wants, but none of us wrote a date on our letters, so my challenge to you is to take a look at our lists and tell me what year you think these were written. I'd give a prize to the winner, but, I don't know the answer myself, and I don't have any prizes.

Here you go, in order of age, from oldest to youngest.

Dear Grandma & Pop-Pop -

Thank you for your letter. I hope we can come up for Christmas. Mom said you wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. So this is my list!

Big sweaters - you know the kind you bought me before except without the turtle-neck.
Jeans - faded
88-key keyboard
books - Peggy Books - 3 & up
Shoes - black Sunday shoes - size 7 1/2 or 8
Stretch Pants

I think that’s it!! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We did. I love you!! I miss you.



Dear Grandma & Pop-Pop

Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving? We did, we went to the Holliday’s house.

Thank you for the letter. That grandparent’s Day was fun. I wish you could have been there.

I will tell you what I want for Christmas:
faded jeans,
T-shirts Adult Small or Medium
Bulls Stuff*
Bears Stuff*
Bo Jackson Stuff*
“NIKE” shoes
Basketball cards
Football cards
Baseball cards
WWF Wrestling Buddies
Nintendo Games

PS Mark copied some of my stuff.
* Stuff as in posters & shirts

Dear Grandma & Pop-Pop,
I want these things for Christmas:

Winter Clothes
Nintendo Games
Michael Jordan stuff
Football stuff
Water gun
Bow & arrow
WWF Wrestling Buddies
Ninja turtle figures
Ninja turtle stuff
faded jeans
Basketball cards
Football cards
Baseball stuff
Punching Bag
Bo Jackson stuff


Dear Grandma & Pop-Pop,
This is what I want for Christmas:
Nintendo Games
Bow & Arrow
WWF Wrestling Buddies
He-man sword
School box
Ninja turtle figures
Michael Jordan stuff
Bears stuff
football suit
sleeping bag
Ninja turtle stuff
faded jeans
Bo Jackson stuff
Basketball cards
Football cards
Baseball cards
Punching Bag
toy boat


A few observations and updates: What the heck is a Peggy book? Can anyone explain the obsession with Bows & Arrows? I don't think we got any of this stuff. John did just get a punching bag - lifelong dream fulfilled.

Name that year.


Marc and Kayan said...

Those things sound like my 1989 list....


Connie said...

Definitely mid to late 80's...and I think Peggy books were a Christian series if I'm remembering right. Too funny!

lindsay said...

this is awesome! can you come home now?

Abby said...

Sometime between 1988-1991. :) That gave me a HUGE laugh.

And I have no idea about the Peggy books, which is funny because I thought I had a pretty good handle on all the pre-teen series, Christian or otherwise. Hmm.

-Isaac said...

Definately 1990.

Anonymous said...

The wwf, Micheal Jordan, ninja turtles...that all reminds me of my little brother. He was into ALL that stuff. He was born in 86 and was about 5 or 6 when he was into the I am guessing early 90's.

Hope you're doing well. Sending prayers and best wishes your way


Elizabeth Koproski said...

I went to the sport source to get a time frame on Bo Jackson. 88,89 or 90 (mmm.. that narrows it down, right?) Sounds like sometime during one of those three years there was a house full of kids in faded jeans. But no turtle necks. Nice

Kristy M said...

Haha... with stretch pants on there, could have been high school! Pretty funny seeing the difference between you and your brothers.

Susie said...

1989-90 it is! :)