Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Princesses, Please

We've got some big days coming up. Talya's 2nd birthday and Charlie's first birthday are right around the corner. I've begun thinking of how to celebrate so that it's special for both of them, even though they'll have to share the big party, since their birthdays are only 3 days apart. (We can't really expect our friends to upend their lives to come to our house for pizza and cake twice in one week.)

So, here's the thing. I don't know what Talya's "thing" is. She doesn't really talk yet, although she's learning more and more. She's kind of into babies, but I don't really want to add more to the collection of naked dolls that must be located throughout the house so they can go to bed with her at night. As it is, we have a naked white doll (thank you Lucy), a naked black boy baby doll (from Simon's potty training days), a half-naked peek-a-boo doll (thank you Grandma), and another naked baby of mysterious ethnic origin (thank you Megan Aunty).

So, no dolls.

She's not into princesses. I don't think she knows what a princess is. Same with Barbie. I'm not completely against them, I just want her to get interested in them on her own, and I know that this is utter sacrilege in our culture, but I don't think dolls with boobs are age appropriate for a two-year old. When she likes them on her own, she can have them. One. She can have one, not one thousand. Those are words I'm sure I'll be eating shortly.

So, no princesses and no Barbie.

She's not into Elmo or any character. I *may* have told my kids that Dora lives in Colorado, and can't come to Ohio very often. She likes Elmo and Curious George and Clifford well enough, but she's certainly not obsessed with them.

So, no cartoon characters.

I guess, I'm just not big on telling her what she should like. I'm waiting to see what she decides she likes. But, I don't know what it is. Is this some sort of maternal failure on my part - either my failure to recognize her interests or my failure to encourage her to have one? Are we so busy going places and cleaning yogurt up off the floor that she hasn't had time to begin an unhealthy interest in Minnie Mouse? (Because, I swear, all we do is go places and clean yogurt off the floor.)

She likes to get new clothes and shoes. She likes me to do her hair, sometimes. She likes to play with any toy either brother is holding. She likes to color on the coffee table. She likes to throw yogurt on the floor. She likes to smash eggs. She likes to use q-tips to smear toothpaste all over her face. She likes to kiss her baby brother... and then push him over.

I'm just not sure how to make a cake that will really pull together all of these "hobbies" into something special.


Courtney said...

you are so funny :-) thank you! i needed a laugh!

Connie said...

My vote is for flowers or ladybugs or something in that vein. Spring/summery without being linked to some character. Happy planning! :)

Erin said...

Confetti eggs to smash, maybe? I loved those when I was little. And maybe a general carnival feel for the party itself.

Kirsten said...

Interesting conundrum. When my girls turned two we had a bug theme. They went on a bug hunt in the yard for plastic insects and we made butterflies.

Or you could have a party where all the kids get to spill yogurt on the floor and color on the coffee table. But that might not be so fun for the clean up crew.... I mean that may not be so fun for YOU.

Kristin said...

My vote is to go with the bug theme: ladybug or butterfly or caterpiller even (you can make that one out of cupcakes and it is gender neutral enough to use for both kids). Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be adorable!

AJ's Cafe said...

Does she have any favorite animals? monkeys, tigers, bears, even fish? Does she like any books? ... have seen Dr.Seuss "spot" book used in the idea of yogurt on the could pass out yogurt cups and let people get creative! Jaxon used to like to smear it in his hair! You'll all have fun no matter what "theme" you go with... it's a time to celebrate! Can't believe how old everyone is getting!

Anna said...

My babes were into: Bath time (Ducky party), BALLS! (easy), the color purple (easy), and being outside (farm?). They haven't' ever attached to anything either, so I just thought of what they liked to do. Honestly, if your serving cake and pizza, they will have a great time!
I had a friend who's kid loved shiny things, so everything was decorated with tin foil and sparkles. Sounds silly, but it was pretty cool.

Kristy M said...

I think you're a little early for the princess phase but watch out! Unfortunately every movie or show with a princess in it has them in a dress, even as pajamas! I'm having a battle every single morning about how she won't look like a beautiful princess if she's not wearing a dress. I'm just hoping you'll have a little free spirit like you were as a kid! :) - leading to fun painted rooms and crazy clothes.

Shannon said...

What about Butterflies or Flowers? - it's girly & pretty and I know my girl likes them!

Vanderpool days said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I follow your blog. I love to watch the video you have of Gotcha Day at the orphanage in Rwanda. My husband and I will be making the same trip next year to pick up our little one and I can just see myself in your shoes! Thanks for sharing.
Sarah Vanderpool

Jennifer said...

NO! It is fabulous that your daughter isn't "into" a commercialized, media-driven character. It shows that y'all don't watch a lot of TV or have toys from TV shows or movies. Keep it up. It gets harder the older they get.
-Jenn Warren (a friend of Courtney C.'s and Adrianne T.'s who dreams about adopting from overseas)