Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's Hoping

I am REALLY hoping to get some adoption news this week. I am hoping that when I sit at the Thanksgiving table and someone asks me what I'm thankful for I can say, "For Our Approval!"

Maybe I will be able to, maybe not. But since I believe in the whole "Give thanks in ALL things" thing, here's what I am thankful for in the midst of the oh-so-difficult time of waiting.

I'm thankful that my waiting, my obsessive email checking, my overuse of the phrase "hopefully soon," is because there are people whose job it is to protect the children of Rwanda. This job is important, and they do it well, and it involves so much more than writing my approval letter. So, I wait while they work, and I'm thankful for their work.

I'm thankful that every day I long for good news, for a bit of information, for a picture of my child, is a day that love grows in my heart for a child I've never met before. These days are important, because love takes time, and the foundation for it is being laid right now.

I'm thankful for a real-time conversation with my friend Adrianne, who is full of wisdom. I'm thankful for her pespective, for the way her heart breaks at suffering, and that she talks just like me, but with a cute semi-southern thing. (She's hoping to get news about her baby soon too.)
Ooooh, AND..
This has nothing to do with adoption, but today is the 10-year anniversary of my first date with Ben. I'm thankful he remembered even though I didn't, and that he's still glad he asked me out - even though my brother told him not to.

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Kirsten said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you hear soon!