Friday, November 20, 2009

Craft Night

One of my best friends called me this week and asked if we could have a "craft night." She said she wanted to do some "crafts" for friends and help me with my projects.

Ben was out of town and I was craving the sound of adult voices, laughter, something to look forward to.

Three of us sat on the couch while all of the sewing supplies, scraps of fabric, mod podge, scissors, and large hunks of foam sat in another room.

We had to inform her (while she was eating her fast food dinner) that corn has no nutritional value and wheat bread isn't really that good for you unless it tastes like cardboard. I think she was pretty sad.

Then, I got out a tub of my son's animal crackers and we used them to scoop chocolate icing straight into our mouths. They didn't judge me when I finished the whole container almost without any help.

While the crafts sat in the other room, we talked about the important things in life. How boys are so stupid (except for Ben), and what Ben and I fight about and how even when we're fighting I still know I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

We talked about how it's kind of annoying when people say things like "God's timing is perfect," because while that may be true the world is a broken place full of wickedness and sometimes God's perfect timing seems to refer more to when we're dead than the here and now.

After discussing all the reasons why boys are dumb and google-stalking a few of them, we debated the pros and cons of sending a random guy an email out of the blue. We got all philosophical and spiritual about whether or not it's good, and then we convinced her to do it.

Because, what good is craft night if you can't drink too much Diet Pomegranate 7-up (with antioxidants) and convince your friend to email random guys, because what the heck?

I love friends and the way they make everything so, so fun. I love the way they hear your thoughts that don't sound right coming out, but they know how not to "take it the wrong way." I love that sometimes we make each other slightly dumber and goofier, but mostly we make each other infinitely wiser.


lindsay said...

o my gosh i cant stop laughing!!!

linds said...

ok i just need to say a few more things in between laughs...

1. i am still distraught over there being no nutritional value in that can of corn. it sounded like the perfect supplementary food to balance out my fast food... seriously.

2. i went grocery shopping last night and all i can see is now i am SO confused what the heck to buy or not buy... really, that wheat bread offers me nothing too??

3. lastly while i am not regretting the email decision i have yet to hear back from boy. although google stalking has continued... hahaha!!!

love you SUS! and can i also add in the bit of "just five more minutes" on the couch till be get started on crafts turned into 10:30 pretty quick.

till next time ben goes out of town, or before that too... :)

Tricia said...

1. I wish I could've been there too b/c that sounds like the convos me and my Indy girls are having right about now in many of our lives!

2. I love my girls here but I love, too, that I could have those convos with you all there in Ohio and feel totally at home in both places.

3. I am trying to guess which random boy L. decided to stalk and can't wait to see if I guessed correctly. ;)

4. I love and miss you all so, so much! :)

Tricia said...

By the way, I'm still saying "Everyone needs a Ben," and hope I get my own someday. :)

Jen said...

i love how i am not the only person in this world who can polish off a can of frosting in one sitting. p.s.--have you tried the oreo frosting? delicious :)