Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scared of Nothin

Simon is my scared one. I hear from other mommies that many firstborn sons are. I believe ours has been a rather extreme case, but whatever.

He is cautious, reserved, timid. Likes to be sure of how something will work out before he jumps in. And, even then, he doesn't jump in. He tiptoes in until he sees for himself.

I love this kid, and he absolutely gets it from me.

But this has been HIS summer. He has overcome fear after fear. (Not yet that one, but I am told by every mother out there that it will happen).

These are the fears that my brave boy has gotten over this summer:
  • The fear of showers.
  • The fear of hairdryers and vacuum cleaners.
  • The fear of playing with other kids without mommy there.
  • The fear of swimming.
  • The fear of babysitters.
And sort of, his fear of dogs.

He doesn't like dogs. He gets that from me too. But he's here with Wrigley, my brother's little Schnoodle, and he's doing okay.

It's fifty-fifty, I guess. Sometimes Wrigley looks at him and Sy runs into my arms screaming. Sometimes Wrigley barks at him, and Sy laughs and pets him. But, he is really trying. Wrigley and Taly and Simon can all be in the same room playing, which is a blessed relief.

It's all probably going to go downhill on Friday when lab puppy Bella shows up - we'll see I guess.

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Kristin said...

Wow, he is doing great with his fears! We still can't take showers, be near dogs, or go swimming (Wyatt). Good job, Simon!