Friday, July 24, 2009


Have you ever done something horrible and embarrassing? Publicly, so that everyone could see you and there was no way for you to hide it, and you just have to run away and hope no one recognizes you?

Like be in such a hurry to get where you're going that you rush past a blind person, kicking her walking stick across the room while everyone gasps in horror and she freezes in shock and confusion?

(For example.)

I have. Not my finest moment.


Sarah said...

Take heart. You instantly recognized that you made a mistake. I can imagine you apologized profusely. Very embarrassing, yes. Still, it is quite possible that the lady will find an occasion to laugh about this someday.

Stephany said...

How about being a cashier at a local drug market and telling the customer the total - them not replying - so you say it again louder - they still don't look at you - so you yell it in their face, just to have them turn to their spouse and sign with their hands the total. . . yes, both of them were deaf. That was awesome. (insert sarcasm)

Erika Duke said...

In high school I worked at a historic carousel and gave tours and rides. There were lots of rules one of them being no side saddling the animals. I was about to start the ride when I noticed a rule breaking lady...I proceeded to draw attention to her telling her not to side sadle when I realized she only had one leg...oops! You are not alone :)

Heidi said...

I enjoy reading your blog entries so much! We are a fellow AWAA/Rwanda adopting family who live in your favorite state!:) We don't live far from I-80, so stop on by next time you're coming through (though the rest area restrooms may be cleaner than ours).