Thursday, May 14, 2009

Target, one year later

It's Getitdone Day in our house. Shopping, errand-ing, list-checking. Ben took Taly to complete his half of the assigned to-dos, which left me and Simon to conquer the line item that's been hassling me for weeks - new sandals for Sy.

That is a lot easier said than done, for all kinds of reasons: his in-between size, his freak-outs over things between his toes and straps behind his heels and, well, generally anything new. We went to 18 different stores and freaked out over about 65 pairs of shoes (he over toe-things and straps and me over my conviction to avoid liscenced characters on clothing). Of course, we ended up at Target.

Just me and my boy. And he was oh-so-trying-to-be patient as I wandered the aisles triple-checking coupons against my mile-long list. (Note to self: one week before an international trip is NOT the time to all of a sudden be a bargain-shopping pro.)

As a reward to each of us for our perseverance and eventual success with the shoes, we settled in for a yummy Target lunch. Yes, Chick-fil-A has the yummiest chicken sandwich around AND a playland, but I'm sick of trying to pretend that it's fun or easy when I have to spend an hour making sure Sy doesn't hurt small children or get hurt by the large rabble-rousers. And, by the way, Chik-fil-A does not serve soft pretzels.

As we settled in to our nutritious delicious lunch of hot dogs and Blue Icees, I let myself slip back in time to the last mother-son Target lunch date we had. It was a year ago, and I was bursting with child. We were enjoying one of our last times where it would be just the two of us.

Then, his hot dog slid out of the bun onto the floor and I had to buy a new one.
Today, he requested ketchup and mustard, gobbled it up and ate half my pretzel.

Then, he was too young to realize that Mommy drank the whole Icee.
Today, I had to beg for a sip.

Then, he had no idea how drastically his world would change with the addition of his baby sister.
Today, he's about to be blindsided by another whirlwind of change - this time, travel-induced.

Then, I was in love with my baby boy and I treasured those moments of mother and son togetherness.
Today, I am in love with my baby boy and I treasure these moments of mother and son togetherness.

Oh, and I over-hyphenate. Oh well.

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Elizabeth Koproski said...

very funny. just tried to call you (friday 1:30) your machine wouldn't let me leave you a message?! Call me and I'd love to talk through your fb questions. can't believe you leave in a week.