Friday, May 1, 2009

Really Important and Relevant Updates

I hate to leave you hanging. I know you are just dying to know how things are going in regards to some of my previous posts. Here you go.

Ben is hunting today. For turkeys. I hope he doesn't get one because what the heck am I supposed to do with a turkey? Do homeless shelters take turkeys? Apparently my hunting post earned him quite a few offers to come try out some guns and today his dream is coming true. I hope he comes home in one piece, and without a dead turkey. Can you imagine what the sight of a dead turkey would do to my sweet son?

I am three days in to p90x... the new workout/hour of torture I've started with Ben. Now, not only do my legs hurt like heck, I can hardly raise my arms above my head. It's making lugging around a 20 pound child extra frustrating.

Ever wonder how "potty training" is going? Well, for the record, I am labeling Simon as officially potty trained. Let's face it - he has to be to get into pre-school. And he never, never has accidents. In fact, his "toilet control" is so advanced that he can still hold his poop for days as long as it means he doesn't have to sit on the potty. We have put the whole thing on official hiatus, and I'm praying he gets over his potty-poop-phobia before middle school.

And, because Ben's putting his life in danger this morning just so he can try to kill a large bird, and I love him so much, here's another snippet from our story - the first date.

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Sarah said...

If he gets a turkey,
and they don't clean it in the field,
give us a call.
(Grandma, grandpa, Steve, and a couple friends "took care of" 10 chickens this weekend while I skipped town with the kids.)