Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I miss Leslie

Remember Leslie? She and her team of bubbly mommies and grandmas giggling with me through a walking workout? I miss her.

All Ben wanted for Valentine's Day was p90X - yes, the one you see on the infomercials. Being the loving and supportive wife I am, I decided that since he never uses our weight set or our elliptical machine, he didn't need me to spend over $100 on an exercise DVD set with a nutritional guide included.

I finally caved. Because he's so handsome. And he doesn't judge me when I eat ice cream after walking with Leslie. But, I am cheap, so I bought him his DVD set off of ebay. It's totally bootleg, which goes against my strict ethical convictions on piracy, but what can I say - I'm a sucker and now the seller is no longer on ebay for me to take issue with.

Don't worry, though. The workout I just did (half of) is punishment enough for my copyright infringement.

I can't walk.

My legs are jello.

The sweat won't stop pouring out of my head.

This workout was hard. Hard. Crazy hard.

If I keep this up, I will be able to kick my brothers' butts in any Lake George competition this summer. But, that's a Big Fat If.

I'm pretty proud of myself, but I'm also pretty mad. Because that's the kind of workout that makes you feel like you should have lost 10 pounds by the time you're done. But I didn't!

Time for some ice cream - who's with me (Erica)?


Cool J said...

it's kind of like me sitting on the couch eating hershey kisses while watching the contestants on biggest loser work out a ton and eat rice and beans

Cool J said...

oops that was definitely christina

Natalie said...

okay so is it worth it??? we've thought about getting that too! ha!

jamisonfamily said...

I too caved and bought the P90X...oh, and I too have an elliptical machine. But, in my house, we find it works quite nicely as a clothes hanger. Anyway, don't underestimate the nutritional guide. It totally cured my insomnia one night. :) You are way ahead of me, though. My DVDs have yet to see the inside of the DVD player. Neverthless, you inpire me. I am thinking about opening those bad boys and seeing what happens...I will let you know. - kathy (holliday)

Scott said...

You're going to need more than a commitment to P90X before you do any butt-kicking on this brother. Some sort of crippling injury is the only thing that seems like it might close the gap.

Susie said...

Natalie - if you're actually going to do it, it appears to be worth it. Ben loves it.

Kathy - I'm definitely going to bypass the nutritional guide. Obviously, I know if I stop eating ice cream and eat fish and veggies that would help, but I don't see that happening.

Scotty - watch out. the x stands for extreme.