Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping - the TMI version

So, summer swooped in overnight, leaving me - of course - with nothing to wear. On Sunday I have a "thing" that requires I look put together, mature, nice, a bit dressed up... you know, the kind of look not easily pulled off with yoga pants and a tank top.

I dragged my parents and my kids off for a "quick" shopping trip. Just wanted to hop into Old Navy since I have a gift card. All I needed was a skirt.

My shopping trip was not quick. But it was disturbing on so many levels.

First, Old Navy had no skirts. Huh? Apparently, this season, Old Navy has decided to concentrate its inventory solely on capri pants of every style and color. Weird. Has the world not seen enough capri pants?

So, off to Target, where things just got worse. At Target I learned that instead of buying new clothes, I could pay good money for things I wore in 8th grade. Like tiered skirts:
and lace leggings:
and worst of all, MC Hammer pants:
Okay, I know I'm getting old, but seriously?

Since I'm not a huge fan of tiered skirts and the mini-skirt/lace legging combo (which I AM a fan of) isn't appropriate for my "thing," I opted for a dress. I found one I liked - it fit me perfectly. Unfortunately, it comes with a sign that reads, "I've birthed multiple children." Oh wait, that was just my stomach pooching out.

After experimenting with how long I could hold my tummy in before I had to take a breath, my mom helped me come to grips with the fact that I have come to the point in my life where I need good (supportive, ugly) underwear. Gross.

Just another way for Motherhood to remind me what it's done to me. I'm not going to post a picture of this. In fact, I probably shouldn't hit "publish" at all.

Oh well, against my better judgment....


Kristin said...

ahhh...the joys of motherhood :) thanks for making me smile this morning and for making me feel normal!! :)

rae-anna46 said...

Haha about the miniskirts/leggings...I have some funny memories of the outfits you wore in high school.

Those MC Hammer pants are crazy!

I just bought a dress at New York & Co that hides my mommy tummy and is a cowl neck so i can ull it down to nurse - i'm probably going to wear it out over the next few years considering it's so hard to find comfy, flattering, appropriate dress clothes.

Sarah said...

This reminds me (related to your previous blog) that I'm doing my part to help the environment by wearing sweatshirts that I know my mom bought for me in the 80s. (One of the "benefits" of not growing much after junior high).

Libby said...

oh my word. laugh out loud!!! i'm going to tell myself the mc hammer pants r a joke. u cant be 4 real.

Libby said...

seriously. i have to read this again. soooo funny, but so true!!!

Becky :) said...

I hear you with that last bit about the stomach issue! 2 babies + 60lbs weightloss= EEEEWWW!
The MCHammer pants were wrong the first time they were out! When will we EVER learn, not all things deserve a second chance!!! Yikes!

Mackensie said...

I bought my first pair of Spanx for a party two weeks ago. I had to go to Chico's to get them - which I am sure you'll agree with me - is an old person store. blurg.

Naomi said...

Joining you from Indian Ties (Heather) and I loved this post! I struggle with the "I'm not 18 anymore" clothes options and the "I'm a grandmother of 5" option. Where are the cute clothes in the MIDDLE?