Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I'm sitting on the couch eating potato chips reading an article about how Naomi Watts lost her baby weight in less than a month

Because today, we're all grumpy. I'm grumpy, Taly's grumpy (is it teeth, is she sick, is she mad because Simon has gotten possessive of all his toys?), Simon's grumpy (is it just too many days in a row of being a darling little angel and he just can't do it anymore?). Ben's not grumpy, but he's at work. With adults. And tasks he can actually complete. And far, far away from anything that sounds like, "I will NOT obey you!" I definitely need a potato chip for that.

I'm very proud of T-bear and her new-found ability to stand up. However, now, as soon as I put her down for a nap, she decides she needs to stand up, and she has not yet developed the ability to get down without getting very dramatic about it. And there's nothing I can really do about it but let her figure it out and obsess about wither or not I raised the crib rail. I need some chips for that.

I promised to make fried chicken and I hate, hate, hate taking the skin off chicken. So, to prepare myself for that disgusting task, and to put it off for a little longer, I need some potato chips.

Simon wanted oatmeal for lunch, and in my attempt to be healthy, I added a big scoop of low-fat plain yogurt to my bowl. Only it was actually full-fat sour cream. So, I ate fattening, weird tasting oatmeal for lunch. I need potato chips to chase it all down.

There was an unopened container of honey mustard dip from mcdonald's sitting on my table and I needed something to dip into it. Potato chips seemed like the perfect alternative to french fries.

Ben leaves on Thursday, and I'm already losing my mind. That pretty much explains the potato chips. And, by the way, I'm guessing Naomi Watts didn't gain all that much weight during her pregnancy anyway.


Elizabeth Koproski said...

MAKE friend chicken? I didn't even know a person could do that. Did you know the Colonel does it for you -- that way you don't even have to touch the skin!

Sarah said...

Want to come down to the farm while Ben is away?
Or shall we come up and visit you?
I can bring chips.