Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please feed the baby

So, let me first say, I've fully recovered from yesterday's emotional potato chip binge (really not as dramatic as it sounds). I'm happy today. I know the following will sound bitter and angry, but here's the truth: I am not bitter. I am a little angry, mostly shocked, but generally just feel like when something makes me cry, I should fill you in.

Today was childcare day. The one day a week that I take two measly hours to get something done without someone grabbing me, asking me for snacks, or having to worry about schedules and how much tv is too much.

So, I dropped my kiddos off and left instructions that Taly is hungry and here is a bottle. I came back downstairs at 12:00 to the news that they didn't give Taly a bottle because she went to sleep. Shocked, I asked, "Well, what did she do before she went to sleep?" Answer: she cried. Well, no wonder. By the time I got down there, it had been 6 hours since the poor thing had eaten anything.

I have no idea how long the girl cried, but I am guessing that she eventually went to sleep not because she was tired, but because she eventually gave up that anyone was going to actually feed her. It took me awhile to get control over the tears and shaking. Thanks to Ben for knowing just to handle it and to Amy for gracious understanding.

Maybe next time, I'll tape a sign to her onesie that says "Feed Me."

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Christina Marie said...

I would have been shocked and mad as well, and probably lectured them a little on proper baby care. Good thing she gets avocado and oatmeal normally so she was probably fine :)