Monday, December 8, 2008

I am Mommy

I am Mommy. A true super hero. I can make the tears stop, calm the tantrums, create peace with a hug. When there's a boo-boo, or some equally traumatizing event, it is I who can make it all better while Daddy and the rest of the world stand by helpless. In my son's eyes, I am perfect, I am always the answer.

Until I accidentally zip his tummy into his jammies. Oops.


Lizzy said...

Aw! That has to hurt! I was potty trained in a similar manner. When I was a diaper wearer, my diapers were cloth and pinned. My dad got distracted when he was changing me and after un-pinning me I weepingly told him that I wanted to wear big girl panties from now on. :o)

Scott said...

At least it was only his belly. And whose pajamas have zippers anyway?