Friday, December 5, 2008


I am not crafty. I am creative, in a strange way. But I very much lack the talent to execute. (I also lack resolve, persistence, and follow-through, all qualities that might help in the execution of my ideas.)

I was determined to make a cute wreath for my front door. I chose the simplest idea EVER. Tie some knots around a circle. I picked a lime green ribbon that was fun and Christmas-y without being too traditional and talked my very crafty sister-in-law Barb into making one too. I spent $20 on supplies, and it's worth pointing out that I would probably never spend $20 on an actual wreath (because I'm that cheap). I cut and cut and cut and knotted and knotted and knotted. And a half hour later realized there was no way I'd have enough lime green ribbon to make it around my wreath.

I got mad. I stared jealously at Barb's cute red wreath, and she kindly helped me find a plan B. I don't have a picture of it, so let me describe it to you. It looked like a lime green steering wheel. Oh well, once you cut up ribbon you can't bring it back, so I slapped some red on it, and now I have a steering wheel with a big bow on it gracing my front door.

But, overnight, I concocted a plan for a new project, and it is going to be amazing. So much more amazing than my ornament-a-month-present for Ben (2001), my hideous entertainment center (2002), or my more recent upholstered headboard.

I have recently decided that it is time for my Baby Girl to get her first doll. This monumentous (spell check tells me that's not a word. whatever) doll must be soft, able to be chewed on for the next six months, and then dragged around the house for the next 6 years. Also, I have decided that this doll should be representative of Talya's Indian heritage.

This is where my plan comes in. I have decided that I will make Taly an Indian baby doll, complete with a ghagra choli. I have looked online for the perfect doll, but I do not think this is it:

Never mind that I don't know how to sew. That didn't stop me from making my girl's crib dust ruffle, thank you very much. I'm going to attempt a cute little rag doll with a bindi, bangles, and choli. I have a plan for everything but the hair.

The most beautiful part of my plan is that if I fail, T-Bear won't even know... unless she grows up and reads this and then she might be disappointed that I didn't just buy her this one:

But, I think my girl will have enough eyebrow issues without impressing this image on her from a young age.

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Elizabeth Koproski said...

your public demands a photo of the green steering wheel!