Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craftiness Update

I have spent much of this week (and much of my money) at Michael's. This has been my home-made Christmas. I've been inspired by blogs and friends and the failing economy and my the upcoming major expenses of adoption to make gifts this year. Don't worry, Target, Amazon and the Mall have all gotten a share of my budget, but I have been one of Santa's elves laboring away in my kitchen and at my sewing machine.

Here's the update:
  • The already mentioned green steering wheel. My "public" (aka, the always hilarious E) has demanded a picture. Well, it's just too cold outside for me to venture out with my camera during naptime - my only time to snuggle under a blanket with my macbook for warmth. But, I'm sure your imagination is dead on.
  • The doll. I am SO proud of my doll. Since Taly won't appreciate it too much, I'm contemplating keep in.
  • Cookies. Ben and I baked what seemed like thousands of cookies this weekend to give away to work friends and Simon's "teachers." I'm eating the hundred that are left over.
  • The Family Craft. This year is the 2nd Annual Beebe Family Craft exchange. Us Sibling draw names for gifts, but then "make" something to exchange with everyone. The idea is that we still get to give each other gifts, but for a lot cheaper. This one is still in prgress, and since I let Sy and Taly be involved in the "making," I lost a lot of quality control. I am currently devising ways to save this.
  • A Board Book. I love making board books for Simon. They are an insane amount of work, but it is so fun to give something so personalized. I made one to prepare him for the new baby and one to prepare him for life back in America. I am currently making one for a friend's baby, and am working on a way to execute it better.... it's been quite the challenge! The good news is that the printing and the boards have been free, due to the generous spirits of those at Kinkos and Michael's.

And there's more! But I can't give it away! And I should be working on them, not writing on this blog!

But, seriously, how impressive is my Indian Baby Doll?!?!


Erika Duke said...

I am very impressed my sewing abilities stop at a very very simple curtain.

Abby said...

SO cute. I want pictures of the steering wheel and everything else, once the surprises are over.

You are a crafting goddess!

Christina Marie said...

Can Sy and Taly help us with our family craft?! We need some inspiration.

Stef said...

I don't know how i feel about Sy and Taly making my crafts.

Stef said...

that was mark.

Ritu said...

I love the Indian doll!! Susie you are talented. I would buy it from you...so original!

Simon and Talya are lucky to have you as their mommy =)

DrMommy said...

Totally impressed! I have to admit, lately my crafting muse has just been wilted by exhaustion and life overload...

However, I did make one Christmas gift -- my in-laws love dachsunds (they've had four over my husband's lifetime), so I made them a "Hot Diggity Dog" quilt with appliqued dachsund silhouettes on it. But that's it.