Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

As I mentioned, Halloween is my favorite holiday. But, as a parent, I realize that all children are temperamental, and my oldest is especially unpredictable. So, I decided early in the day that I would be satisfied if I got two kids costumed at the same time long enough to be in the same photo. I would be thrilled if we made it around the couldesac.
After disqualifying Minnie Mouse for being a girl, Donald Duck for being too difficult for Mommy to make without spending money, we decided Simon would be Goofy and Talya would be Minnie. All I needed to complete the magic of homemade disney characters was a green hat and Minnie ears. No luck on the green hat, so I didn't even look for the Minnie ears (knowing Simon would just hijack them anyway).
Thankfully a friend of Stan's swooped to the rescue with a stash of Halloween costumes for Simon that he found at a nearby store. Apparently he doesn't feel the same way I do about spending money on Halloween costumes. And my principles go out the window when someone else spends the money and I get to call of the Great Green Goofy Hat search.
So, Simon was a police man, and Taly, well, I thought she would make a cute little jailbird. Never mind that Simon didn't have a clue what she was because he thinks the Police "help" people, and he doesn't really know about jail, handcuffs, billy clubs, criminals, etc. I told him the billy club his costume came with was to help the police knock down doors that are stuck. Whatever - my child frightens easily and I don't need him pointing at people in public telling me they look scary and are they a criminal Mommy?
A few strips of electrical tape on Tal's white clothes completed the outfit. Everyone told us all evening what a cute baby boy we had. I guess criminal is more socially accepted for boys.
Family Fun night started off with a fizzle. Simon made it through cutting the top off the pumpkin before he got bored and went to watch Lightning McQueen. I completed the pumpkin while Ben hold fussy-getting-to-be-bedtime Baby Criminal.
But, the enthusiasm resumed when it was time for costuming. Simon jumped into his Policeman Uniform and off we went across the street to the one neighbor that we actually know. She said, "Oh Simon, are you a Police Man?" And he screamed at her, ran down the driveway and said, "I don't WANT TO!" We regrouped, though. He quickly realized that all he had to say were three words and people dumped candy into his bag. He even said thank you to everyone and hopped down the sidewalk yelling, "This is SO super fun!" Seriously.
After a few houses I took the criminal home for bed and Ben and Simon hit another block. Unfortunately for him, luckily for me, Simon is allergic to all my favorite candy, so I'll just eat it up for him so he doesn't get sick.
To my great surprise, the successful evening continued when Sy stood at our door and handed out candy to all the other trick-or-treaters. Except the scary ones. Mommy and Daddy did those.
Happy Halloween!

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Dad said...

That is so funny! After reading all that I am also amazed at how blessed I am to be a part of your family! You guys are awesome!