Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why ask Why?

Mommy, my thumb hurts.
(Sy had just seen his Daddy with a band-aid on his thumb.)
I'm sorry Simon - can I do anything?
I need a band aid.
This was a first. Usually, even if he's actually bleeding, he won't let me put a band aid on him.
Okay. I'll get you a band-aid.
Because you just asked for one.
I don't know.

The Why's have started. I didn't know they would start so soon - I thought it was a 5-year-old thing, not a 2-year old thing. But, Simon asks Why about everything.

Why is Talya crying? Because she's hungry. Why is she hungry? Because she hasn't eaten in a few hours. Why hasn't she eaten? Because she wasn't hungry. Why wasn't she hungry? Because she had just eaten. Why did she eat? Because she was hungry. Why?

You can see how quickly this train of thought frustrates us both.

Simon tries to fool me by substituting the Why question with What For questions: What are the police doing there? Helping the lady. What are they helping her for? Because she got in a car accident. Why? It looks like someone was driving too fast. What were they driving fast for? I don't know.

Simon asks Why about 67 times a day. I provide about 112 explanations, which he presses me on until I eventually concede: I don't know.

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