Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (to me!)

This Mother's Day was my favorite ever - maybe because my son is now old enough to tell me Happy Mother's Day and give me cards and presents! Seriously, yesterday, I was reflecting on my experience as a mother and I am SO thankful. I have a wonderful child who is smart and well-adjusted despite me dragging him around the world and giving him too much "screen time." I have the hope of meeting my second son in heaven and seeing him "the way it was supposed to be." And I am anticipating welcoming a daughter (a daughter!) into my world in just weeks. Mostly, I am thankful for the man who made me a mommy and continues to help me succeed at motherhood by being such a great dad.

And, of course, there's my mom..... She really is the best mom ever, which is evidenced by how smart and well-adjusted I am. And since I am pretty much just like her, I obviously think she did everything right. There are some differences - I am not as afraid of my children getting electrocuted by showering during a storm. And, I don't think I pray nearly enough as she did for me. But, she has made me the mom I am - and given me the permission not to be a "supermom." Love you Mom!


Libby said...

Susie, I felt the same way... I am able to be a mom because of the man i married. I love your writings. What yr did you graduate from TU? (TU right?). I'm just a few steps behind you at 24 weeks. It's such an exiting time. Luvs.

dbbeebe said...

Both you and your mom are women whom God has blessed richly and through whom many, including me, are blessed beyond measure! How fortunate I am among men!

Susie said...

Libby, I graduated from TU in 01, which seems like it should be a lot fewer than 7 years ago. I was then Susan Beebe and if you remember me it would probably be because of the clothes I believed were perfectly appropriate for the classroom. I'm enjoying following your life too - it's nice to live someone else's adventure!