Friday, May 30, 2008

Congratulations Mark & Stef

Pictures coming soon, but we had a great time at Mark & Stef's wedding. I'm thrilled to have another fantastic sister-in-law, and honored to have been a part of their big day (and relieved that Baby Talya stayed put on the trip to Chicago)! Sy was a terrific ring bearer. He gave me a scare at the rehearsal when he threw his pillow on the floor screaming "I don't want to!" But, on the big day, he was a cutie-pie champ. Between Ben's chilled-out motivation, Aunt Christina giving him all the tic-tacs he asked for, and Pop-Pop waiting for him with Pop-Tarts, I think he had a great time.

Personal highlight: seeing Sy and his Great-Grandma dance to "Holla-Back Girl."

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