Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rama's Bridge

I have tried to keep up the political and cultural wars going on back home (America). Of course there's gay rights and abortion, but it seems as if creation vs. evolution is getting more attention than I've seen it get in years. I thought that was interesting as I read in the news about a political war going on here surrounding "Rama's Bridge," a land formation that connects India and Sri Lanka.
For hundreds of years there have been discussions about destroying this land formation to build a shipping canal. This idea has been recently resurrected and has met with all kinds of religious and political protests. According to Hindu belief, Rama built the bridge to go to Sri Lanka to rescue his captured wife Sita, as recorded in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. Dating has been introduced to prove the formation can be linked to the time of Ramayana. Different studies have been done, each "proving" that Rama's Bridge is natural, or is not natural.
To me, it is very reminiscent of some of the ways we, as Christians, engage in the Creation debate. I don't really have a point today, just an observation. It is fascinating to me that mankind seems to be fighting some of the same battles, regardless of religion.

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I love the new blog site, and I love to read your thoughts and get your perspective on it all. I miss you guys and I can't wait to see you. Tell Sy that Uncle Mark misses him. Love you guys.