Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Cake

Simon is 2! The whole week before his birthday, he asked for a cake, which he alternately called "Happy Cake" or "Two Cake." (He also asked for hats, balloons, and pizza, which is pretty amazing considering his vocabulary is still pretty limited.) I took him with me to order his Ernie and Elmo birthday cake (against my pre-parental conviction that I would never encourage an obsession with licensed characters). I had high hopes for the cake - that it would be very cute and hip for a Ernie/Elmo cake. Well, I think in India, a cake is not complete without flowers on it, so Simon's cake had Ernie, Elmo, and pretty roses on it.

Because I invited the whole neighborhood, I didn't know how many people were coming, so I went completely overboard, and ordered one that weighed 4.5kgs! Well, there were about 60 kids there, and that cake was gone in about 4.5 minutes. I grabbed a piece for Simon just as we were about to run out.

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