Monday, August 8, 2011

Pin-it Cynic

So, I've been gone a while. I have lots of reasons for that - big and small; good and trivial. I'm sort of in process of figuring out if I want to keep this bloggity-blog going, or if I'm ready to shut 'er down.

One of the trivial reasons that I haven't been writing may or may not have something to do with the inordinate amount of time I spend on pinterest. I only have so much time-to-waste-on-the-internet, and I've got to spend it somewhere. Time wasted on pinterest is equal to the time you waste surfing pinterest multiplied the time you spend shopping for and implementing pinterest projects. Like this:

As you can see, facebook is a much more efficient waste of your time. That equation looks a little like this:

Ok, they're both kind of time-sucks.

Anyway, while I figure out the deep meaning of my blog and my relationship with the internet, I thought I'd start a little series entitled, "The Pin-it Cynic." In this series, I will illustrate why we pinners can get a little pin-happy and start calling things "brilliant" that are, in fact, really bad ideas.

Obviously, this is just my opinion. It might be an idea that completely works for you. So don't let me stop you. And please don't get offended if I feature something that you pinned. 

Oh, and this is probably a good time to point out that I loooooooove Pinterest. It's the organizational system I've used with the most consistency to date. That's saying something.

Here's an example of something you might see on the Pin-it Cynic:

In the time it took that girl to paint her nails like cupcakes, I could have baked a whole batch of the real thing. In the time it takes for her artwork to flake off while doing the dishes, I could consume about 6 of them.

But they are cute.

This isn't a real laundry room. In a real house, those subway tiles, stainless steel and gray granite would be smeared with goo with little pieces of dryer lint stuck over it all. The lids to the cute canisters would be thrown to the side and paper towels would be falling on your head because you'd be too lazy to get out the stool and you'd try to chuck them up there and make them stick. And what is in that urn? 

Well, in my laundry room anyway. Which reminds me. Time to go pick little pieces of accidentally-washed cardboard off my wet clothes before I throw them in the dryer! Happy naptime to all!

Oh, and seriously? If you're not on pinterest, please join. It's so fun! (Just let me know if you need an invite!)


Meaghan said...

hi sweet friend! miss you! it's fun to "hear" your voice through your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I have missed your posts as well! I love pinterest and spend WAY too much time on it and pin things that I will NEVER make, BUT it is a great organizational tool for me - like you.

I love it!

erin.michelle said...

Hi! Please don't stop blogging- just discovered you and your wonderful writing. And how do I join pinterest? I am dying to try it!

Natalie said...

First off- I LOVE your blogs and would sadly miss your thoughts and ideas. Secondly, I should shoot you for introducing me to another website that I can search on for hours... like I need more fun websites to search for things to make, bake and do! I really like this pin-interest site. Ha! ha!

Erika Duke said...

hahaha I totally do that with my paper towels...toss them up there hoping they stay :). Don't shut this thing down I would be sad.

Mamastiks said...

I was talking to Jen yesterday telling herthat she really needs to get on pinterest. She said, that you are on it & wrote a blog post about it. I'll look for pinning stuff that I pretend I will TOTALLY make!

Susie said...

erin, go to and sign up for a new account. If you need an invite, email me your address and I'll send it to you!