Monday, June 6, 2011

Help Wanted, Immediate Opening

Seeking an Idea Executer. Candidate should be able to plan, shop for and implement ideas that I come up with, or that I steal from others via pinterest. Candidate will need to be an experienced fundraiser, as no ideas currently have funding. Candidates should be able to draw, use power tools, and have the ability to see what I'm envisioning in my mind. Candidates should be proficient in Sharpie, Xacto, Photoshop, Sewing Machine, and Piping Bags.

Job includes lots of fun parties, just-because art projects, trips to Home Depot, Target, Michaels and the Dollar Store.

The position is currently being filled by my husband, but his job satisfaction is very low and it is becoming harder to motivate him to fulfill his responsibilities.

Compensation includes: eating whatever I envision you to bake, which will likely include a lot of food coloring, so applicants with chemical sensitivities need not apply.


Sarah said...

Laughing! For better or worse "Sharpie, Xacto, Photoshop, Sewing Machine, and Piping Bags" are perfected only through practice and mistakes. Go make a mess!

Tree said...

Hilarious! If you have extra applicants send em my way!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH Susie .. this is quite possibly the funniest, cutest most "ME TOO" post ever!

InfiniteQueso said...

Hilarious! Love it!