Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working From Home

"Working from home" means different things to different people. Lately, for me, it's meant that I check my work email constantly but only sometimes follow through on my inbox. The rest of the time, things fall through the cracks left by diaper changes, temper tantrums, movies ending, errands to run, and emergencies that happen in front of me. 

Lately it's also meant that during afternoon nap, I work. Actual, real, responsible-to-other-people work. (Like, not this blog, can you tell?) Anyway. I've liked the schedule, enjoyed the routine and the purpose. "Movie time" is immediately after "nap time" so that I can finish up what I didn't get done to the chorus of "Let's Build a Word!!"

It's been great, but 2 hours is not enough time to actually finish something that other people are waiting on. There are technical difficulties and last-minute edits that I can't control. There are people who work 9-5, not 2-4, and so maybe don't answer their phone when I call at 2:05, which means I can't proceed until 2:05 THE NEXT DAY. Today, I am feeling so done with trying to cram responsibility into two hours that end with whining for snacks, me losing my patience, and a frozen computer.


It's been like two weeks on the same project because between waiting on information, edits, and printers outside the house and waiting on a four-year-old, two-year-old and one-year-old inside the house, has made this take FOREVER. I'm reminded why I don't take on a lot of these projects - it's not really a win for anyone. Who wants to be the boss waiting for the mom at home to hurry up and get the graham crackers out so she could buy herself 4 more minutes to send one more email?

One project. Not yet done. About 2 other projects currently on my list that keep getting bumped, and about six zillion projects that haven't even made the list yet because I'm not THAT unrealistic.

Anyone else "work from home?" How the heck do you do it?


Kristy M said...

I tried it out this summer but I have to agree with you... not possible. I'm actually looking forward to the day when my 1 year old will enjoy watching movies (how bad is that!!) I'm back in the office now just starting to write my syllabus for class that starts on TUESDAY. I've become amazingly good at speed reading (skimming). I completely understand where you're coming from and every other mom on the planet should as well. Hopefully you're coworkers are parents!!
Love you guys!

Kristy M said...

Can I just say I hate it when I see typos in my comments. Ugh

Becky said...

my office is open from 2-4 as well. I work hard and don't answer calls unless it's business. I put the TV on in the car and try to return calls while I'm driving. That actually kinda works. When Nick gets home and I'm not done with a project, I close my door and he takes the kids outside till dinner. Some nights he brings me dinner in my office while I finish up a shoot and has even put them to bed for me so I can work as late as it takes. Other than that, I have no idea. I feel like I have to take on the jobs for the money, but that means that my time HAS to be more productive... unlike it is today....I have a wedding looming and a nb shoot, AND a zillion things to get done for Fishface. Instead of doing them, I'm watching smutty day time programing and blogging. Awesome.

IndianTies said...

Oh I'm totally learning how hard it is to be a mom and work from home! At first when she slept all day it was ok - but now she's seven months old and wants to be entertained! Being a graphic designer is deadline driven work, but my husband is so great to help out - I usually try and get the bulk of my work done after she goes to sleep at night - just means some late nights for me! :-) Oh and I don't cook much during deadlines!

Abby said...

Yeah, no. I've done that a handful of times when Cal's been sick, but it just doesn't work. I don't know how anyone does it (especially with more than one kid??) without a babysitter or spouse on hand. Hope your boss is understanding!

Erika Duke said...

Well I only have one to take care of and I only work one day from home so I'm not much help. As Witten gets older it gets harder and harder. I try to work while he plays some but he usually ends up wanting to push buttons on the computer and messes something up. If you come up something clever let me know :)


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