Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Status Update

I couldn't decide on my facebook status update this afternoon (tragic, I know). Here are a few that would be appropriate, including the one I eventually decided on:
  • Just got in way over my head trying to explain Satan to a 4-year-old. Oops.
  • Seeing some improvements in sleep, but not enough that the angry blog gods should curse me for posting that.
  • Feeling guilty for hoping my son has an ear infection or two. We'll find out this afternoon.
  • Puzzled as to why my "enter" button doesn't work.
  • Interesting meeting on racial diversity today, which for some reason always makes me sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Robin's Eggs. I carefully put four in each plastic egg for the pre-school party, leaving at least 90 for me. Must go buy more.
  • After bragging to my growth group that I don't keep a calendar, I forgot about and slept through our meeting this morning. 
  • Since my resolution to only let Charlie be held by me and Ben (and Megan), four people have asked if they could hold him. I managed to tell three of them no, but caved on number four. Then it got awkward because the friend holding him is Black and someone assumed he must be Charlie's father. Newly resolved to not let anyone else hold him.
  • Deeply appreciative of everyone who called, commented, emailed, or otherwise checked into see how I'm doing, offer advice, and make sure they weren't the one who made me cry.
  • Having people over for dinner tonight who read this blog and will therefore understand why my house is a wreck.


Connie said...

The pizza was fab. Still mad about the Klondike bar... Loved seeing your house even with some toys on the floor and a few dishes in the sink! And yes we totally understand. :) still need to hear the Satan story.

Megan said...

You make me laugh... on a regular basis!

Kelly said...

i wish you would have posted the one about the black man holding charlie. you kill me.

Praying for Cros said...

hi ! glad i got to meet your boy & see you this week! hope i did not make you cry...just know I think of you often! btw...we used that miracle blanket with worked : ) hope it does for you! however, he was a chunk & grew out of it waaaay too quickly! em did not need don;t know if it works for all or not! will PRAY for you that it does! hang in there..YOU are amazing! : )