Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Round Here

Simon asked me the other day, "Mom, so what are we going to do about our wedding?" When pressed for details, he revealed that he was talking about his wedding where he will marry Talya. I assured him that when he was old enough to get married (in about 35 years), he wouldn't want to marry his sister. He promised me that he would, and anyway, "I can get married when I'm 16. Some people do."
I'm not sure who these "some people" are who marry their sisters when they're 16, but whoever they are have quite an influence on my son.

I settled it by promising him that when he's 16, if he still wants to marry his sister, we could talk about it then. That seemed easier than explaining the ins and outs of in_cest and child marriage.


As gentle as Simon is with his little brother and sister, Talya has yet to appreciate it and learn from it. Her affection for her baby brother comes all rough and tumble. I read other families in our adoptive group describing how their kids are afraid of squirrels and family pets and Sesame Street characters, and they only thing I can think that Charlie is afraid of is his sister, who at any moment might try to carry him across the room or shove a bottle or a plastic french fry in his mouth.


Obviously, race is going to be a topic of discussion that comes up now and again in our house. Just the other day, Simon seemed to notice Charlie's skin for the first time. "Mommy, his skin is different than mine!"
"Yup - how so?"
"I'm brown and Charlie is white!"

We might need a diversity training seminar here at home?


My living room looks like this. All the time. Even though I clean it 48 times a day. And by clean, I mean pick up a few things. And by 48, I mean 3 1/2.


Baby-led weaning update: We have successfully taught Talya to have a good relationship with food by letting her feed herself. When she learned how to navigate the step stool around the kitchen, she subtly expanded her skills into helping herself to whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Like an entire box of Cheerios, which her brother was happy to help her eat.


Adrianne Thompson said...

you crack me up. LOVE it.

Abby said...

This post made my day. And my living room looks the same, and I only have one kid. So, really, may as well have a few more...

Sarah said...

I cannot tell you how much the picture of your living room soothed my soul.
My standard line to PJK: The bible says you can't marry your kin.

Natalie said...

Okay seriously laughed out loud. I find myself saying, "John, you gotta read this!" after reading your blogs. I'm glad that I'm not the only household that leaves laundry laying all over the place in the living room... for more, sometimes it's days. When we have guests, we just move the pile the bedroom... it seems almost easier than actually folding it and putting it away. Ha! Miss you guys!!!

Marc and Kayan said...


the living room diagram is classic!


Elizabeth Koproski said...

i think you should skip the diversity training seminar and just buy a color wheel!

Shiny said...

Thanks for the laughs! And what Mom's living room Doesn't look like that on any given day (that she's not expecting company)?

Stephanie N. said...

I agree with everyone, Susie...this post is awesome! LOL funny! Thanks for making my night. :)

Praying for Cros said...

thanks for helping me feel normal : ) LOVED the pics!!!! awesome! at 1:28am after watching a HULU'ed show with my hubby and checking email it puts a smile on my face as my home STILL looks like that at this hour : ) mer