Monday, December 7, 2009

All My Children

All of my kids are killing me right now. Charlie - yes, we've officially named our newest son - is just too dang far away, and I can't even begin to adequately describe the crazy emotions with waiting for him.

The biggest thing right now is reminding myself to trust. I am so thankful for the caretakers in his life. The Sisters, orphanage volunteers, and our POA love him, and they have seen him through his life so far. So far, I have done nothing for him, and he is (I am told) happy and healthy. I remind myself always to trust them, and their concern for his well-being. It is they who have cared for him in his first 6 months of life, and they are eager to get him into a forever family. I cannot wait to meet them and thank them in person.

Simon and Talya kill me too, but mostly in ways that make me alterately crazy-frustrated or all-out-giggly. I'm posting a video of them "Preaching." If you're not interested in spending precious minutes of your life watching my kids, please skip it. I think it's funny though. I'm not sure where Sy gets his material - if you listen carefully to his sermon, he talks a lot about Jesus being Champion (as well as the pizza guy I think). He also has taken on the style of a bossy worship leader that is always ordering you to raise your hands or else.

Taly just wants to keep up with her big brother, and can only do so by trying to match him in volume.

Thanks again to all of you who weighed in with resources on adoptive breastfeeding. I have spent a lot of time on the phone with our hospital's lactaction consultant, and am starting a protocol that should help. We'll see. If not, no big deal - formula's certainly never hurt anyone. (But it does cost a pretty penny.)


Dad said...

That is too much! JUst too much!! Preach it little man! Get right in there, Taly-girl! And Sus, c'mon! If you are gonna say "AMEN" you got to really let it rip!!! Talk to her, preacher boy!!!

Connie said...

Loved it...and happy to know sweet Charlie's name. You said "first six weeks of life," but did you mean six MONTHS? I thought that's what you put in a previous post...glad to know you are finding out more about your boy....looking forward to meeting him someday soon.

Heather said...

Love the preaching! That is too cute! Both my dad and husband are pastors, so our kids won't have a chance! lol!

Susie said...

Yes, Connie - 6 months - oops!

Tricia said...

Too cute. :)