Thursday, September 3, 2009

Naps are for Babies

There's a new phenomenom going on in my house. I mentioned before the slippery slope of Sy's getting up independently. We're navigating that one pretty well, even though it does mean I must always be prepared (i.e., dressed) for a visitor in my bedroom in the early morning hours.

I also mentioned that I was remaining committed to naptime for Simon because I knew what waws coming (directly quoting myself): the new stage of pre-school, which will suck out all of his emotional, mental, and physical energy as he tries to behave, learn, play nice, make friends, adjust, follow new rules, and enjoy his new surroundings.

Well, here's the phenomenon: Every day he goes to the energy-sucking pre-school where his mind is stretched and his muscles are exercised far more than they are at home, Sy comes home and stares at the ceiling until I release him from "naptime." Every day that he spends the morning with me, he conks out for two hours in the afternoon.

I have a few theories to explain this abnormal activity:
  1. A morning spent grocery shopping, arguing over who gets what toy, watching PBS kids, and helping with "chores" is actually more exhausting than sitting criss-cross-applesauce and waddling like a penguin.
  2. A morning spent grocery shopping, arguing, watching, and helping is actually really, really boring and the kid is practically asleep before lunch.
Or, the one I'm going to go with for now because it makes me feel good is option 3:
On the days when he goes off to school, he wears his Big Boy hat and keeps it on all day. On the days when he is home with me, he gives me the satisfaction of staying my Baby in every way. 
I like to think that as much as my boy loves his new pre-school identity, he also loves it when things are the way they've always been. And, I love it that way too.


Rachael said...

When David started preschool last year I was convinced he wouldn't have enough energy to last until it was over (his is one day a week from 9am-1:30pm) and would be wiped out afterward. I was so very wrong.

Natalie said...

Well put Susie. I love your perspective... I know it's still 2-3 years away for us, but I know these years will go by fast and he'll be in preschool sooner than I thought.

Kristy M said...

Ellie is starting to drop her naps as well and the acting stay-at-home parent, Matt, does not have the stamina or the patience to deal with a whiney toddler who refuses to sleep. We are dreaming of the day when we can send her off to school so another adult can experience the joy of a tired toddler.