Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adoption Update - no news for now

About a month ago, we (along with 7 other families in our program) got an email suggesting that we would hear about our approvals "soon." Of course, no one really knew what "soon" would mean. I began a flurry of blog-stalking and calculating dates in my mind for when we might get to travel to Rwanda to get our little one.

A month has gone by. (Almost.)

Several of the families have gotten their approvals, three of us are still waiting for what "soon" will mean for us.

It's Sunday, so I begin my vigil at about 3 a.m., start of business in Rwanda, hoping for an email. Every night my email alert beeps, and every night I get my hopes up, when every night I know it's an automated email subscription.

I've gotten less crazy with the blog stalking, because the No News mindset has overtaken the Get Ready, It's Coming Soon, Oh My Gosh, When Will We Go, AAAAAGGGHHH! mindset.

I'm ready, I'm waiting. Sometimes I'm anxious, sometimes excited. This approval is the Big One. When/If we get this approval, it will feel like this is actually going to happen. When/If we get this approval, then we get to wait for a name and a face - and that just seems so much more exciting than waiting for an approval that of course could be a rejection.

Just thought I'd fill you in on what's (not) going on around here. The next adoption post will hopefully have a thousand more explanation points in it.


Adrianne Thompson said...

love to you friend. can't wait to celebrate together

Vincents said...

The wait is agonizing. We waited for a year for the approval (from the time we started... 7 months since submitting our dossier) and I thought it would never come. But... I learned a LOT about God's timing and patients (and am still learning). I hope you will hear something soon. And if it seems like its taking a long time, feel free to vent to me :)

Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh. You are saint. The waiting would drive me bananas!! I am not a good waiter. I hope you hear soon.

Suzanne Watson said...

Thinking about you guys. We wait together! Hope you hear soon!