Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pre-School: Where kids can't fail but moms can

Day One of Pre-School went fantastically well. I mean, seriously - does my kid who's afraid of everything look even slightly afraid of going off to a strange place filled with strange people?

He loved it. And, let's be honest - I loved it too. A whole morning with just one baby. I wish someone had told me how easy it is to have only one when I had only one. During T's morning nap I sat on the couch and ate pie. And made my blog look prettier. And enjoyed every minute.

Day Two is tomorrow and I'm already falling behind. First it was the medical form snaffu, which thanks to the gracious people at my pediatrician's office (see, I can say nice things about them too), was resolved just in time.

But, tonight, after getting Sy tucked safely into his bed, I realized the kid had homework.

Overkill, no?

What really freaks me out is not my inability to stay on top of the paperwork, but that I'm staring at his homework, and I don't even get it. Where are the instructions? What is supposed to go in the middle circle? Am I supposed to write down his answers or is he supposed to color pictures or something? When is this due? What is the second piece of paper for?

So, tomorrow over breakfast, I will be trying not to fail at my very first pre-school homework assignment.


Kirsten said...

Pre-school is awesome! Just wait until elementary school. You might just have time for a nap too.

Homework in pre-school?? I thought the homework my kids got in kindergarten was bad. Good luck with that.

Mom said...

Maybe pre-school is just as much for moms (and grandmas) as it is for our kids! I will be anxious to hear how day 2 goes! Love you

Connie said...

So I've already failed kindergarten homework (although, in my defense, he's not supposed to have any) twice this past week. On Thursday on the way to school, I realized Luke was supposed to bring show and tell ("something that a clown would wear or use"). So we scrounged in the trunk (thank goodness we had Daddy's car) and found a baseball. Clowns juggle balls, right?
On Friday, apparently they were supposed to wear red shirts (to be clowns) but I sent my son in a green striped shirt. Nice. Apparently, I am THAT mom. Ugh!