Sunday, August 16, 2009


just a quick note to let you know that I've changed the comments settings on the blog to allow anyone to make a comment - a lot of you have not yet let google take over your life to the same extent that I have (good for you), and this should make it easier when you have something to add.

which I love, by the way.

you leaving comments, not google taking over my life.


By the way, in unrelated boring-for-you-exciting-for-me news..... I recently spent an inappropriate amount of time googling "paisley black & white dinnerware." there was nothing to be found - it was depressing, because that's exactly what I had my heart set on. I gave up, and chalked it up to my overactive imagination. But, today, walking through Macy's, what did I find?
And they were on sale.

And someone (bless his heart, I love him) mismarked them as buy-one-get-one free. So, I asked for a manager and ended up getting them for about $12 a place setting.

Dreams do come true.


Kristy M said...

By the way, I am going to be commenting all the time now, so get ready. Also, my mom has enjoyed reading your posts.
Yeah for Macy's - unfortunately they have not come to Storm Lake yet.

Rachael said...

Thanks for the comment change! OpenID doesn't work for me most of the time since my blog title has an underscore in it.

Kristin said...

I love the new dishes! So cute...can't beat a good deal either!

Sarah said...

Susie, you know I love you, but seriously - paisley is the tool of the devil.
Okay, maybe that's too harsh. Especially since there is only on paisle on each dish. I just ask that you be careful. You might think that paisley is a victimless crime, but the next thing you know they are all over somebody's pants and they are mowing down innocent bystanders on the street.

lindsay said...

um thats awesome!

Sherin said...

Omg! I love a good deal like that...i hey equally excited just reading a story about a good deal! Lol. Can't wait to see them!

Susie said...

Sarah - I give you permission, if I accost you with paisley pants on to stage an intervention, but ONLY if I'm also wearing a paisley scarf.