Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad News/Good News

When you begin the adoption process, you are told repeatedly by everyone that is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience, notifbutwhen things go wrong.

You prepare yourself for delays, snags, and spending more money than you thought. You come to understand and even appreciate the many rules and regulations standing between you and your child, because you learn how these rules protect the world’s children.

So, you develop online relationships with other in-process adoptive parents because it helps when someone – anyone – gets good news. A completed homestudy. An approval. A referral. A homecoming.

But, lately, there hasn’t been a lot of good news.

Many of the families waiting with us haven’t heard anything in a long time. It’s understandable. Rwanda a small country, and the ministry in charge of approving and referring families is very busy with many things. But it is hard to wait.

But, then there’s the heart-wrenching. The PleaseGodMakeItStop hard.

The Reed family had just gotten the good news that the baby girl they had been waiting for was legally their daughter. They were making travel plans, and they got the worst phone call imaginable – Their precious Julianna had suddenly died.

Other friends of ours from Canada are just days away from the court date that will make a young boy their forever son. They just got the call that their agency has gone bankrupt. They don’t know if they’ll get to bring him home. Ever.

In weeks like these, we need good news. That’s why I keep scouring the blog of another friend, who is days away from meeting her son in China. I can’t wait to help welcome him home.

And that’s also why I pray every day for our baby – whoever he is. I pray that God would send someone to pick him up and cuddle with him. I pray that he would know Love before he knows me.


So...... Guess what? Just as I was getting ready to hit "publish" I saw that two families in our program got their referrals this week! Yea for good news!

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Erica said...

Thank you for thinking about my family during the death of our daugther, Julianna. Adoption is hard but thankfully God is in control.

Praying for your family.